[mythtv-users] Sirius on Mythtv Broken - Sipie

Scott Harris mythtv at webhounds.net
Fri Nov 30 05:55:40 UTC 2007

David Stuller wrote:
> Thanks Scott, that helped but now I can't get it to stop playing :-)  
> The sipie_kill is no longer working. (well it kills the sipie_myth pid 
> but mplayer just keeps playing.  I was wondering if you or anyone else 
> might have had this issue and could instruct me on how to fix it.
> Thanks

I just looked at my recordings since I made the changes.
I'm a bit behind in my listening so it is 2 weeks worth that I haven't
listened to.  Anyway, I have the same problem.  I'm going to play around
with it and see if I can modify the fix.

Actually, my script would record for 60 minutes 6 times.  Now I have 6
3 hour 22 minute and 54 second recordings.   Very strange.  But at least
it is consistent that I have 2 weeks worth of recordings that are all
exactly 3:22:54.


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