[mythtv-users] Schedule Direct/Channel DB problems

Travis Jensen travis.jensen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 01:29:13 UTC 2007

I honestly have no idea where to begin with this problem.  I am using
Schedule Direct (SD) for my listings and have my lineup setup properly
there.  However, somewhere between the UI there and my myth system, things
are going wrong.  Here are some examples:

1. I have around a dozen channels < 100 from my DSS (DishNetwork).  These
are all set at SD to return.  However, when I check my channels database,
I've only got 3 channels < 100.

2. I am seeing channels show up with a chanid in the 10xx range instead of
the xx range.  For instance, channel 5 shows up with a chanid of 1005.
Perhaps that is correct behavior, but...

3. A local channel here is KSL (the above mentioned channel 5).  It has
listing in SD as channel 5 and channel 8532, which corresponds to the actual
DishNetwork channels.  This is what is in the channel database:

| chanid | channum | xmltvid | sourceid | callsign |
|   1005 | 8532    | 10691   |        1 | KSL      |
|   9532 | 8532    | 10691   |        1 | KSL      |

I'm guessing I've lost my real channum 5 because channum 8532 has the same
xmltvid as channum 5.

4. In general, I'm seeing weird behavior with programs and channels not
corresponding properly to their real channels.  I get about 50% hit rate on
recording on the Discovery channel.


1. Should SD really be giving me the same xmltvid for channel 5 and channel
2. Would I be better removing the 8xxx versions of my local channels from my
channel line-up?
3. In general, how do I go about debugging this?
4. What is the procedure for nuking all of my channel data and starting over
with it?  I restrained myself from doing a 'delete from channel;' and then
running mythfilldatabase. :-D



Travis Jensen
travis.jensen at gmail.com
Software Maven * Philosopher-in-Training * Avenged Nerd
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