[mythtv-users] nvidia module won't load

nowhere at cox.net nowhere at cox.net
Tue Nov 27 05:30:30 UTC 2007

> I took a quick peek at what was available at freshrpms and the current
> build for F7 and F8 is 9639, however, I assume you have a specific
> reason to believe support for your device was ended after 9631. If you
> really have to have 9631 it is still available in the FC6 repo. It will
> probably still work even if you're running F7 or 8.

Thanks Richard,

No dice on the 100 drivers. I see in freshrpms what you are talking about. Aside from dl'ing the rpm and trying to rpm install it I don't know how to install the drivers if they are not in the fc7 repo. Any help? 

These drivers were in the repos for fc7 when I installed the system a couple months ago.  Why would they remove it now?

Thanks so far!

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