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Mon Nov 26 18:29:46 UTC 2007

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> Nick F wrote:
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> >     ---- Richard Shaw <hobbes1069 at gmail.com
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> >     > nowhere at cox.net <mailto:nowhere at cox.net> wrote:
> >     > > Stupid me. Made the mistake of yum update again. Never works
> >     without breaking. Anyway, same ole problem. nvidia module won't
> >     load. I did the usual below and then I tried to yum remove and yum
> >     install the nvidia drivers but they don't exist. I think I still
> >     need the 9631 drivers since my card is integrated on the mobo.
> >     Here is a ton of info. Last time I fixed this by creating a
> >     symlink to the driver using a different extension but that didn't
> >     work this time...
> >     > I'm assuming the "yum update" installed a new kernel? I use the
> >     nvidia
> >     > drivers from freshrpms which includes dkms so every time the
> >     kernel gets
> >     > updated it rebuilds the module automatically during boot-up. I
> >     believe
> >     > livna also has a similar package available. If you need older
> >     drivers
> >     > freshrpms also has a 96xx and 97xx packages as well.
> >     eah but I backed off to 4-65 again and all the old drivers
> >     wouldn't work anymore. Tried looking how everything was name and
> >     it was as it is listed above. So I guess the question is which
> >     graphics drivers do I need. I'm pretty sure nothing above 9631
> >     works on my card so which one? 
> >
> >  
> > I had a similar problem, with similar error messages, when using the 
> > atrpms drivers on a legacy NVIDIA (integrated card).  I never did 
> > solve the problem, and since it was happening around the time ATRPMS 
> > was offline, I found the LIVNA driver didn't exhibit the same 
> > behaviour.  I only use LIVNA for my NVIDIA drivers, and ATRPMS for the 
> > rest.  So - if all else fails - try LIVNA.
> I believe the 96xx and 97xx (last one being 9755) were replaced with the 
> 100.14.xx on atrpms.net.  You'd have to do a "yum install 
> nvidia-graphics100.14.19-kmdl-" (assuming you are running 
> Fedora) or "yum install nvidia-graphics100.14.19-kmdl-$KVER" (where 
> $KVER is your kernel version).
> IF you manage to get the kernel installed and the associated 
> nvidia-graphics<ver>-kmdl installed and things aren't working right, 
> give "nvidia-graphics-switch" a try..
> For what it is worth, I recently upgraded my frontends, jumped through 
> the nvidia/kernel/atrpms hoops to get the kernel updated, and found that 
> there is a "pink screen" problem (I run Fedora, but it's a driver issue, 
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=572057) with the latest 
> driver.  Hence, I wanted to back down to my already installed 9755 
> driver and the previous kernel.  I ran nvidia-graphics-switch with the 
> right options, updated grub.conf to boot the previous kernel, and I was 
> back up and running in no time.
> -Rich
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Hey Thanks Rich,

I can never seem to keep up with version renames and junk like that. I'm at work but I will try to boot to the new kernel, install the nvidia 100 stuff and give it a whirl. If no joy, I will back off to 4-65 again and try the same 100 drivers. Unfortunately, since I suspected a damaged package or something, I yum removed the 9613 drivers and now they are nowhere to be found. I had yum problems late last week and had to do yum cleans to clear up the mismatch errors I was getting so I don't have a local copy of the drivers that I know where working. 

I have however gotten smart and backed up my working xorg.conf, and wrote a script to copy it to /etc/xorg since every time I do anything with the nvidia installs or switches, it replaces my working xorg.conf with one that doesn't work. 

I'll let you know tonight if you awesome help did the trick!

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