[mythtv-users] quiet, small, fanless frontend

Stephen Robertson stephengrobertson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 09:10:34 UTC 2007

Just my thoughts.  I've got an EPIA M10000 board used for almost exactly
that apart from I don't have a DVD drive fitted in it and I use mythvideo
quite a bit.  It uses as a CLE266 for hardware MPEG2 decoding as Tim
mentioned so that is possibly a plus.

I am running it with two fans, one on the CPU and one in the power supply
however they are both slowed down significantly so the noise level is
correspondingly much lower.  It is noticeably quieter than my Sony DVD/Home
Cinema box.  I've had no problems with overheating.

I'm running minimyth (www.linpvr.org) on it and booting over the network
therefore no disk or CF card.  Mine is only switched on when I am going to
use it and while it could not be described as instant-on, if I switch it on
as go into the room by the time I have sat down, found the remote controls,
got up again to get the one that is still across the room etc etc its nearly
always ready to go before I am.

I'd second Tim's opinion on the MCE remote.

In summary that setup has been running for over a year now with no problems
so I'd have no problems recommending it.


On Nov 22, 2007 7:47 AM, Magnus Gustafsson <magnus at gusse.se> wrote:

> I'm planning on a new frontend. Currently using an xbox as frontend.
> The xbox is too noisy to have powered on 24/7, too slow to boot up. So
> I want something better.
> This is what I would use it for:
> - watch recorded TV
> - watch DVDs
> - view pictures and video clips in MythGallery
> - occasionally watch live-TV
> I think it will be powered on 24/7, depends on how fast it will boot.
> My TV-set is an old CRT so I would not need HD, yet...
> I've been looking around for hardware for a while now and think I've
> got a reasonable spec:
> - Via Epia board with CN700 northbridge, fanless
> - 1 GB RAM
> - DVD read/write slim
> - no HD
> - CF card ~1-4 GB
> - a remote controller of some sort
> What about the main board? Which is adequate for this project? CN1000,
> LN1000, EN1200? I suppose I should avoid the CX700 northbridge and go
> for the CN700 or am I wrong here?
> Is this a reasonable hardware spec do you think?
> /Magnus
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