[mythtv-users] quiet, small, fanless frontend

migmog migmog at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 10:28:15 UTC 2007

On 22/11/2007, Magnus Gustafsson <magnus at gusse.se> wrote:
> I think it will be powered on 24/7, depends on how fast it will boot.

Sounds like you need minimyth (linpvr.org). This is tailored to your
exact needs!

The latest minimyth can suspend to RAM, saving power. Switches 'off'
in about 5 seconds, resumes in about 8 seconds. Mine uses the same
power - about 2.8W in suspend mode that it does when 'off' but still
plugged in.

> My TV-set is an old CRT so I would not need HD, yet...
> I've been looking around for hardware for a while now and think I've
> got a reasonable spec:
> - Via Epia board with CN700 northbridge, fanless
> - 1 GB RAM

512MB is adequate for your needs.

> - DVD read/write slim
> - no HD
> - CF card ~1-4 GB

You don't even need this if you boot over the network. You need a
backend machine, so when not use it to netboot?

> - a remote controller of some sort

Get the MCE remote, and you can set the box to go to sleep using the remote.

> What about the main board? Which is adequate for this project? CN1000,
> LN1000, EN1200? I suppose I should avoid the CX700 northbridge and go
> for the CN700 or am I wrong here?

I have a M10000 which works fine but it does have a fan. Using the
hardware MPEG decoder, CPU usage is under 50%. You could try SP8000 or

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