[mythtv-users] quiet, small, fanless frontend

Magnus Gustafsson magnus at gusse.se
Thu Nov 22 07:47:05 UTC 2007

I'm planning on a new frontend. Currently using an xbox as frontend.
The xbox is too noisy to have powered on 24/7, too slow to boot up. So
I want something better.
This is what I would use it for:
- watch recorded TV
- watch DVDs
- view pictures and video clips in MythGallery
- occasionally watch live-TV

I think it will be powered on 24/7, depends on how fast it will boot.

My TV-set is an old CRT so I would not need HD, yet...

I've been looking around for hardware for a while now and think I've
got a reasonable spec:
- Via Epia board with CN700 northbridge, fanless
- 1 GB RAM
- DVD read/write slim
- no HD
- CF card ~1-4 GB
- a remote controller of some sort

What about the main board? Which is adequate for this project? CN1000,
LN1000, EN1200? I suppose I should avoid the CX700 northbridge and go
for the CN700 or am I wrong here?

Is this a reasonable hardware spec do you think?


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