[mythtv-users] Multiple directories

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Tue Nov 20 10:29:35 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-16 at 13:15 -0800, Michael Rice wrote:
> At some point the stuff in SVN will be released and there will be
> packages available.  No one knows exactly when but it won't be
> forever.  Once you are using storage groups you'll wish could get rid
> of LVM.
> I would recommend this:
> 1. Unmount current disk
> 2. Mount new disk at the original mount point
> 3. Mount old disk at a different mount point
> 4. Make symbolic links to each of your recordings.
> 5. Set the option to follow links.

I still want to keep things simple, with the stability of the current
release (maintain WAF and a clean production system), but still
additional storage, even if it is still less than optimal, without
running a script regularly, while waiting for the great features of .21.

I'd like to have the following distribution across my disks:

      * Old disk
              * System and apps
              * content
                      * Music
                      * Pictures
                      * Part of the videos
                      * temp stuff for ripping, archiving
      * New disk
              * Content
                      * Other part of the videos
                      * TV recordings

Could I just:

     1. Mount the new disk somewhere else (/srv/mythtv as strongly
        suggested here)
     2. create new recordings and videos directories on that new disk
     3. move all the recording files to this new recordings directory
     4. tell mythbackend that recordings are now in the new directory on
        the new disk
     5. tell MythVideo that there is an additional directory in where to
        fish for videos
     6. check that recording are still all there and playing on the
     7. delete the recordings on the old disk

It appears that recordings in the DB are only referenced by their file
names ("basename" value in the "recorded" table), without any path info,
which it must get from the "RecordfilePrefix" value in the "settings"
table. It should work, in theory, from what I've seen, if the
Mythtv-setup is not trying to be too clever about it. Otherwise, I guess
I could try hitting the DB entry manually.

Anything I should know about that?

hey, at least I'm not rushing it! ;o)

Thanks for your help/opinion/experience/pointers.


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