[mythtv-users] Multiple directories

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 20 10:55:50 UTC 2007

On 11/20/2007 05:29 AM, Nicolas Will wrote:
> I still want to keep things simple, with the stability of the current
> release (maintain WAF and a clean production system), but still
> additional storage, even if it is still less than optimal, without
> running a script regularly,

You know that the myth_archive_job.pl script can be run for you--either
as a user job or a cron job.

>  while waiting for the great features of .21.
> I'd like to have the following distribution across my disks:
>       * Old disk
>               * System and apps
>               * content
>                       * Music
>                       * Pictures
>                       * Part of the videos
>                       * temp stuff for ripping, archiving
>       * New disk
>               * Content
>                       * Other part of the videos
>                       * TV recordings
> Could I just:
>      1. Mount the new disk somewhere else (/srv/mythtv as strongly
>         suggested here)
>      2. create new recordings and videos directories on that new disk
>      3. move all the recording files to this new recordings directory
>      4. tell mythbackend that recordings are now in the new directory on
>         the new disk
>      5. tell MythVideo that there is an additional directory in where to
>         fish for videos
>      6. check that recording are still all there and playing on the
>         Frontend
>      7. delete the recordings on the old disk
> It appears that recordings in the DB are only referenced by their file
> names ("basename" value in the "recorded" table), without any path info,
> which it must get from the "RecordfilePrefix" value in the "settings"
> table. It should work, in theory, from what I've seen, if the
> Mythtv-setup is not trying to be too clever about it. Otherwise, I guess
> I could try hitting the DB entry manually.
> Anything I should know about that?
> hey, at least I'm not rushing it! ;o)
> Thanks for your help/opinion/experience/pointers.

Yep.  The directory you specify for your recordings directory is the
only reference to the location of the recordings.  I highly recommend,
though, that you change values through the UI, not directly in the DB.


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