[mythtv-users] Deleting Tuner Cards from mythtv-setup

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay at softlog.com.au
Sat Nov 17 22:45:48 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> But, if you prefer, you can hit d to delete (as you do in /every/ other
> part of Myth) an individual card.  

Thought I'd tried 'd' - obviously didn't :(

> Then, you'll find that things don't
> work right, you may miss some recordings, or ... and you'll then ask
> why.  Eventually I (or someone else) will reply saying your
> configuration is now broken 

Ah, I get it now - DB inconsistencies leading to problems with upcoming 
recordings etc. My apologies if I came across as a smart aleck, I really 
didn't know.

> you need to do a "Delete all capture
> cards" (and potentially a "Delete all video sources") as described at
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/264034#264034 .  :)

Very informative thread - thank you.

> I'd do it Brian's way, though.  It's much easier to do it right the
> first time, and the only way to know that it's right is to do a "Delete
> all capture cards" and re-create them all and re-connect inputs to video
> sources.  The only way to know it's not right is to wait until a
> failure, so if you don't want a failure... :)

The wife would kill me - already in the dog house because our Topfield 
keeps screwing up, that's why I'm heavily researching/testing setting up 
a mythbox. I will do as you suggest with regards to cards nd sources :)

I must say this is a really helpful and considerate list, I hope I can 
help out as well once I gain some expertise.

p.s. Trying to get a DigitalNow USB TinyTwin Dual DVB 
(http://www.digitalnow.com.au/product_pages/TinyTwin.html) working - 
would this be the correct list to ask questions on? currently 
considering adapting one of the V4L modules for it.


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