[mythtv-users] System Configuration considerations

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Nov 11 16:57:42 UTC 2007

Glen Hawksworth wrote:

> Will I get all of the same functionality on the client machine as I
> would on a Client/Server? If so I would imagine that giving all the hard
> work to my Grunty new PC would greatly improve overall performance. If
> not then what will the client not do?
> Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Glen

What "performance" improvement are you looking for?

If your current FE/BE combo does everything you want it to do, what
would prompt you to split the system?

Things like commflagging and transcode jobs will obviously run faster on
the newer machine, whether this would be an "improvement" depends on
your usage. If you don't watch a recording for a few hours or even days
you really don't care how fast the commflag is, and if you don't run
transcode jobs who cares how fast they might run.

By splitting the system you add additional complication, power draw, and
cost. The network connection becomes an issue, a lightly loaded Gbit
network would be no problem, but a heavily loaded 100 speed link might
be, and 802.11b with HD video would definitely be something to try and

OTOH splitting the system makes sense if you might want to add an
additional frontend, or if you want the backend to be installed in a
basement or garage to eliminate noise or unsightliness. It might also be
a good idea if you want to centralize storage for Myth and other systems.

Better graphics on the backend is totally irrelevant.

There is no "right" answer.


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