[mythtv-users] Upnp Xbox 360 and videos showing up under the music selection

Chad Delatte gremlin190 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 04:07:03 UTC 2007

Well, just as the title says. Whenever I try to
connect to my mythbox from the Xbox 360 I get a
listing of tv shows I have recorded on the music
screen.  I do not get anything in the pictures screen
or the videos screen.  This is with svn trunk 14830. 
I know with 20.1 I could see my pictures and my music
would show up correctly however, something changed and
now all that does not work.  Also, WMP 11 sees the
music with no problems.  I've done mythbackend -v upnp
and get little to no info reguarding when the xbox is

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