[mythtv-users] System Configuration considerations

Glen Hawksworth glenhawk at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 11 03:47:11 UTC 2007

My name is Glen, I have been using Linux (ubuntu) full time for just
over a year now and have finally gotten to the point where I want to
build a PVR... so I have.
I recently bought new hardware to build a new PC and I used my old
hardware (plus new TV card) to build the PVR. Having now worked with
MythTV for a couple of days I am beginning to think that I have not
optimised my setup.
My old PC hardware amounts to a P4 2.6GHz, 2GB RAM and at the moment a
64MB AGP graphics card (I have a 256MB but it doesn't have RCA out so it
will be installed when we get a new TV). While this seems to run MythTV
ok I have now been thinking that I would be better off running the
back-end on my new wizz-bang PC (2.6GHz Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 512MB PCIE
graphics) and simply connect using the older PC.
I have been trying to get a straight answer to this puzzle by reading
all I can about MythTV and I think that it is the better way to go but I
would like some opinions of users that have more than two days of

Will I get all of the same functionality on the client machine as I
would on a Client/Server? If so I would imagine that giving all the hard
work to my Grunty new PC would greatly improve overall performance. If
not then what will the client not do?
Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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