[mythtv-users] Mplayer - lost standard audio when playing DVDs with DTS/AC3

Kemp, Ralph E REKemp at duke-energy.com
Fri Nov 9 18:32:34 UTC 2007

I'm running Ubuntu Feisty and Myth SVN 14799.   I've been using
"packaged" version of mplayer - which has worked fine.  When playing
DTS/AC3 encoded movies I had the choice of listening to audio over the
TV speakers (regular left/right stereo) or turn on the receiver and
listen to the SPDIF DTS/AC3.  There has been some improvements in
Mplayer which I wanted to take advantage of so I removed the package
version (apt-get uninstall mplayer), downloaded the latest mplayer
source, compiled and re-installed....I had to enter afm=hwac3 in the
~.mplayer/config file to get DTS/AC3 sound to work - but with that
parameter in I only get a loud hissing noise on my TV stereo speakers.
Take the hwac3 out and restart - I have stereo output to the TV (and
also to the receiver) - but no DTS/AC3.   I spent an hour last night
digging to no avail....Any one have suggestion?   I normally keep the
DTS/AC3 receiver turned off when I don't want surround sound - just
standard analog left/right TV sound is fine most of the time - and it
worked great before.    I've done this procedure before on another
install - months ago - and ran into the same issue....noise on the
analog output when a DTS/AC3 signal is present....


Thanks for any suggestion...rk

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