[mythtv-users] distributed video system?

Kevin Nelson kevin at soundcyst.com
Fri Nov 9 18:53:14 UTC 2007

Hi all, I'm new here and I have a couple of questions.

I'm setting up a household distributed video system (one server for  
the house, each TV as a client). Basically, I was wondering if this  
has been done before.

I have yet to build the computers, so any hardware suggestions would  
be appreciated. Also, it will be running through Comcast, and I need  
it to be able to access both digital and onDemand content (ok, so  
MythTV doesn't really neeeed to be able to record onDemand, but it  
would be nice. The main requirement is that onDemand works at any of  
the TVs)

I'm assuming we will need one set top box / tuner card in the server  
per TV. Is there anything else that I need to worry about? I'm pretty  
technically inclined, but I've never set up a system like this  
before, so it will be a new and exciting process. Hardware  

Many thanks!
-Kevin // soundcyst

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