[mythtv-users] Problem with New MythDora Install

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 18:07:19 UTC 2007

Just installed MythDora 4 on a system I'm trying to use as another FE, but...

I seem to be having trouble.  It will do everything except display
videos.  If I try
to view a recording, I get a blank screen and the frontend log (ran in
a terminal
window) shows messages about "Taking too long to be allowed to read.." and
"Waited too long for ringbuffer pause.."

All the messages reference the correct BE IP and port and the file name of the
recording's .mpg file looks correct, so I'm stumped.  The other FE works, so I
don't think it's some kind of permissions issue, but I've been wrong before...

Please advise.


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