[mythtv-users] Setting TV format per card/channel

Rob mythtv at rob-a.com
Sun Nov 4 23:17:04 UTC 2007

I have my global setting for TV Format (in mythtv-setup, General) as ATSC.
 I have both a PVR500 and a pcHDTV 5500 in my mythbox.  I recently took
the plunge to update to SVN to fix some problems I was seeing and now I
can *watch* Live TV for the PVR500 but recordings fail:  
Channel(/dev/video1) Error: SetInputAndFormat(1, ATSC).  I need to set the
card/input video1 to be NTSC instead of ATSC. I don't see a place to do
this in either mythtv-setup or in the frontend Setup.  I've tried setting
individual channels to NTSC but recordings still default to ATSC.

Help! :)


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