[mythtv-users] Any UK DVB-T users having problems recording Channel Five?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Sun May 13 09:07:52 UTC 2007

> I noticed problems with five last night on a slave machine after using
> an old Hauppauge Nova-T 90002 PCI DVB card - it would not tune to
> five, fiveUS or fiveLife in LiveTV. I will try and do some more
> investigating over the weekend. My MBE - with 3 K-World DVBXpert PCI
> cards has no trouble at with five, recording MLB and NBA regularly.

I was about to post a thread on this as I am having similar problems.

At the moment on Five and abc1 but I am going to do more testing and
report back also.  I am using 0.20-fixes.

My cards are based on the TDA10046/SAA7134 chip.  Do no know if this
is the same as the Hauppauge 90002?

So far I have had segmentation fault output to the terminal when the
problem occurs and nothing obvious in the mythbackend.log file.

If I watch/record from BBC1/ITV/C4 it works for hours with no problems
but as soon as I try Five it will crash the backend within an hour
(usually much much quicker but it does depend you may think you have
fixed it but you haven't).

I hope we can track down the problem as my media centre at the moment
is next to useless as I regularly want to watch programmes off Five,
abc1 etc.


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