[mythtv-users] LCD TV or LCD Monitor

Jan Prinsloo janroot at gmail.com
Sat May 12 11:06:50 UTC 2007

Dear list,

I am planning on building a HTPC. This will be a multi purpose system that
will be used as a home pc for gaming, email, internet browsing, watching tv,
playing dvd's etc. The system will be placed in a small living room. I have
pretty much gathered all hardware related information and decided to go for
the PVR-150 card because of the good support and the fact that the card has
been tried and tested by most people setting up an HTPC. The only thing that
is still undecided is whether I should buy a LCD Monitor or LCD TV. I would
like to hear what your advice on this is? I was thinking about the Asus
MW221U monitor, since this is a 22" monitor with great resolution. So for
playing games I will get nice smooth graphics and for dvd watching this will
be perfect. My only concern would be that I do not know how mythtv and the
PVR-150 with only SDTV will handle a widescreen monitor. Will all my tv
watching be pulled out of proportion because of the wide screen factor?
Would it not be better to sacrifice good PC graphics for a lower resolution
LCD TV that can handle the TV input better? Any help whatsoever on this will
be much appreciated.

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