[mythtv-users] Installing MythTV in Gentoo

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Mar 31 00:05:17 UTC 2007

On 03/30/2007 05:54 PM, Santiago Almenara wrote:
> I have set up 2 Gentoo system's and trying to install a separate 
> frontend and a backend.
> The problem what when I do:
> emerge -pv mythtv
> USE="frontendonly" emerge -pv mythtv
> USE="backendonly" emerge -pv mythtv
> It seems that it needs to download and compile the same packages. For 
> instance, I know that I don't need mysql for a frontend-only system, 
> or qt for a backend-only….
> What can I do to install only those packages I need for the frontend 
> or backend???

Because people didn't pay any attention to the fact that configure's 
"--help" output explicitly said that "--disable-frontend" and 
"--disable-backend" were for porting /only/ and would break your build 
on Linux systems, and because all my yelling


failed to convince people that the options were not for their use (and 
that they didn't want them, anyway), the devs (finally) modified 
configure to ignore those options. The following lines are taken 
directly from configure:

# disabled due to abuse in Gentoo ebuild
# --disable-frontend) frontend="no"
# ;;
# disabled due to abuse in Gentoo ebuild
# --disable-backend) backend="no"
# ;;

(The reason Gentoo is singled out is because users of other 
distributions are more commonly using packages compiled by a package 
manager who knows what he's doing. However, as long as the ebuild still 
contains the "frontendonly" and "backendonly" USE flags, the ebuild is 
still abusing the options--granted, Myth ignores the abuse, now, but 
it's still abuse.)

Oh, and in case you're thinking of doing something with it, let me 
proactively say you don't want to use "--disable-audio-oss" either.



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