[mythtv-users] Installing MythTV in Gentoo

Neil Bothwick neil at stfw.net
Fri Mar 30 23:21:12 UTC 2007

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 16:54:02 -0500, Santiago Almenara wrote:

> It seems that it needs to download and compile the same packages. For
> instance, I know that I don't need mysql for a frontend-only system, or
> qt for a backend-only....

The backend does use qt, as already answered. The frontend needs mysql
clients and libraries to access the server on the backend. If you install
mysql with the minimal USE flag on the frontend, you get the client stuff
without the server.

However, I found that some plugins don't work with a USE="frontendonly"
install. Life is less stressful with a full install on both FE and BE.
The extra space taken is minimal.

Neil Bothwick

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