[mythtv-users] Configuring Samba in text mode?

Don Bossung donald at bossung.net
Tue Mar 27 03:00:39 UTC 2007

I would recommend using SWAT (samba web administration tool) It allows you
to configure the samba server with a web browser from any machine (not just
the server).


If you don't have xinetd installed use (used to manage swat service)


yum -y install xinetd

chkconfig xinetd on

service xinetd start




yum -y install samba-swat

nano /etc/xinetd.d/swat


change              disable=yes       to         disable=no

change              only_from=       to         only_from=<the ip
address of the machine you are going to run the browser on>            or

                        only_from=<the network address of your private


or you can comment the only_from line completely but this can be a security
risk as any machine can now run swat on your server.


Now do a


so if you have another box that does run x, plug the ip of that machine into
the swat config file on the server and then use ff or m on the client
machine. Or plug in the net address of your network then any machine on your
network can use a browser to config samba.


Now do a 


service xinetd restart


to load swat


The url you want is


http://<ip or name of samba server>:901


where 901 is the port samba listens on.


The alternative is to manually edit /etc/samba/smb.conf


And that can get a little ugly.


In my experience here is a basic smb.conf (make sure you mv or cp the
original smb.conf to a different name before you start as a fall back) Don't
even think of editing the original smb.conf file as it is quite complex and
gets messy. Just create a new file with the below:



   workgroup = MYGROUP                      #change this to your networks
windows workgroup name

   server string = Samba Server

   security = user

   log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log

[homes]                                                #shares users home
folder on server

   comment = Home Directories

   browseable = no

[sharedfolder]                                         #basic shared folder
usable by all

   comment = Temporary file space

   path = /sharedfolder

   read only = no

   public = yes

   writable = yes


get this working and then add from there if you need more functionality.


use useradd and passwd to create a linux user and then smbpasswd to add them
to the smb user database. (see man pages for more) DO NOT create the user
password with the useradd command as it is a plaintext password and samba
doesn't like this. 


hope this helps



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