[mythtv-users] Good Books/Websites on building computers

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Mon Mar 26 16:47:41 UTC 2007

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 12:34:33 -0400
Rich West <Rich.West at wesmo.com> wrote:

> Brian Wood wrote:
> > On Mar 26, 2007, at 10:06 AM, Rich West wrote:
> >
> >   
> >> This topic couldn't be any further off topic from the whole purpose of
> >> the MythTV list.
> >>
> >> Please see http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Mailing_List_etiquette
> >>
> >>     
> >
> > Virtually every Myth user will confront building a system, so it's  
> > pretty On Topic I think.
> Yes, true.  However, "How do I build a computer?" in itself isn't really
> Myth related.  "What are the requirements for a MythTV BE/FE machine?" 
> That's something different, is it not?
> Perhaps I just interpreted the posting incorrectly.
> And, no, I did not see the previous thread by the same author which was
> titled "New to building computers and MythTV".

My opinion matches this... its not myth related enough and is better served elsewhere... even googled.  But overall the effect of debating it has been more than if it just went away.

There was one list I was on years ago, that specifically denoted friday as a sort of free 
fire zone - anything you wanted to post was okay... on friday.  I want to say it was struts, but am not sure.  While hellish on the archives, it did promote a sense of community.

be well

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