[mythtv-users] Datadirect missing channels

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Mar 25 00:44:37 UTC 2007

Owen Mehegan wrote:
> The Datadirect/Zap2It listings for my zip code have had 15 or 20  
> channels missing for the last 8 months (since I first set up MythTV),  
> and repeated emails and posts to their message boards haven't gotten  
> any fix for it. There's really only one channel missing from their  
> lineup that I care about. Is there any way to make MythTV get data  
> for that channel from somewhere else or something? This is really  
> annoying...

Sure, I've done this several times. The trick is that you
have to create a zap2it lineup from a provider that has
the station's listings in your timezone. You need to grab
from zap2it and have that data filled for your real station.

1) find a provider with the target station. Say KRAP on 665 in LA

2) create a lineup for the LA provider (zap2it allows 4 per account)

3) uncheck all then check KRAP only

4) run mythtv-setup and create a video source, say, LAKRAP

5) assuming this is video source "3",
        mythfilldatabase --max-days 1 --sourceid 3

6) your should have 665 and listings (but you can't record this)

7) say you take KRAP on 120 for source 2,

$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
mysql> update channel set chanid=2120, channum=120, freqid=120, sourceid=2 where chanid=3665;
(this makes the channel entry for 120 on source 2 with the correct
station ID info)

8) mythfilldatabase --max-days 1 --sourceid 3 # again

9) run mythtv-setup and mark ch 665 on source 3 as not visible.

You now have two channel entries for KRAP, 120 on source 2 and
665 on source 3. 665 is not visible and won't be used. However,
when you do a grab for all sources, the data for KRAP will be
filled in on all channels with the KRAP "xmltvid". Therefore,
you will get your ch 120 listings even though you don't really
have a channel 120 in your real zap2it lineup.

mythfilldatabase --max-days 1

should give you listings for today on 120. If so:

mythfilldatabase -refresh-all

--  bjm

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