[mythtv-users] blurriness when playing 1080i -> 1080i

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:00:33 UTC 2007

On 3/18/07, Seth Daniel <mythtv.org at sethdaniel.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 17, 2007 at 02:41:35PM -0700, Seth Daniel wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > I've been trying to figure out some problems I'm having when playing
> > 1080i content when the Nvidia driver is configured to play at
> > 1920x1080i.
> >
> > When I don't deinterlace the 1080i video the playback is smooth but will
> > be blurry for 20 seconds, then non-blurry for 20 seconds, then blurry
> > again,...  If I deinterlace the image the playback is not smooth but
> > there is no blurriness (regardless of deinterlacing technique).  I have
> > a dual core AMD64 3800.  The CPU isn't working too hard regardless of
> > settings.  I haven't actually timed the blurriness.  It may be 7 seconds
> > or 15 seconds.  I don't know that there is any significance in the
> > length of time the blurriness lasts.
> [...]
> If it helps: each time the image switches from blurry to beautiful and
> then back to blurry it is 15 seconds.  So, it's blurry for 15 seconds,
> then beautiful for 15 seconds, then blurry for 15 more seconds, then
> beautiful for 15 seconds, etc...
> The blurriness only happens around action.  Anything that is static
> won't be blurry.  Imagine a field with a giant logo in the middle and
> people running around on it.  If the camera is locked then the people
> will be blurry but the logo will look fine.  If the camera pans then
> the logo may look blurry along with the people running around.

not really a solution, but that CPU should be able to more than handle
deinterlacing 1080i with Bob.
are you using the UseEvents=True option?
do you have openGL vsync enabled in the mythfrontend options AND

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