[mythtv-users] Fonts unreadable in GDM/Xorg with Ubuntu

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 14:30:16 UTC 2007

So I got Ubuntu Edgy desktop AMD64 installed last night. I followed
the frontend/backend guide here:

Overall, the process was smooth. When I got to the part about logging
in and selecting a session, I hit a roadblock. In the GDM login
screen, the text on the menus and typed text in the login is
completely unreadable. I cant tell if it's a broken font, or just that
it's too tiny to see. I would guess the later, since each line is
towards the left of it's given area. Each word is so microscopic, they
cant be more than 2 pixels high.

I diverted from the guide a couple of times. First, it recommends the
"alternate" install, but that was missing my required eth module, and
doesnt include tools to build with, so I used the desktop install.
Second, I briefly attemped to build my own kernel, The build
failed. I then followed this guide in an attempt to correctly build:
This is a different process than I'm used to, I'm not very familiar
with Debian based distros. Unfortunately, this attempt to build also
failed. I didnt bother to trace why, I just figured I can optimize
later, and moved on.

The install of myth went smoothly, except for mythtv-database, which
gave me: Failed to create database (incorrect admin
username/password?). I found that this is due to a change in  syntax
with newer versions of mysql. Fixed by doing "mysqladmin -u root
old-password <new password string>". All is well.

...until I try to start GDM, where the font is so small I cant tell if
it's supposed to be text, or the screen has dust on it. So,
hardware-wise, I've got my Nvidia 6200 PCI-e (latest proprietary
drivers) attached via DVI cable -> HDMI adapter to my Toshiba 720p DLP
HDTV. Maybe it has something to do with EDID setting DPI or something?
I will do some Googling today, but thought I'd ping the list first.
You guys always point me in the right direction.

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