[mythtv-users] mythGallery Auto Import from USB

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Wed Mar 7 15:07:37 UTC 2007

Greg Kutzbach asked:
 > I am trying to get mythGallery to auto import off USB sticks that are
 > inserted.  I'm running fedora core 6 and the problem is that they are
 > mounted according to the file manager as /media/sdi1 , but when I
 > actually go into a terminal a stick will be mounted such as
 > /media/CRUZER , being that it is a crucial Cruzer Micro.  This obviously
 > won't due because all USB sticks are named different things.  If the USB
 > stuff were all named /media/sdi1-10 or something, that would be
 > easy...but its not.  What can I do?  How can I get USB sticks to mount
 > as more generic names or how can I work around this problem?

You don't mention what distro you are using, but any modern one will be 
using udev which should be able with an appropriate rule to mount the 
usb flash anywhere you like and with whatever label. Read the manpage 
for udev.


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