[mythtv-users] Always prescaling theme images on startup

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Wed Mar 7 15:20:23 UTC 2007

aaron wrote:
 > My understanding is it's not prescaling. It's checking to ensure the 
 > is still valid. In my experience the actual prescaling takes much 
longer than 5 -- 10 seconds.

Still seems a bit excessive taking a noticeable amount of time on my 
2GHz, 2G ram machine. Checking a cache should take a infinitesimally 
small amount of CPU time to do a cache compare - i'm clearly assuming 
there is some CRC/Checksum only it checks, unless it's really doing 
rescale and checking the rescaled image with the cache.

I guess most people probably have the luxury of a suspend/resume capable 
motherboard and don't really see this issue often.

Cheers for all the reponses

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