[mythtv-users] How to compile MythTV source code on Fedora?

Xi Jiarong XiJiarong at sp.edu.sg
Wed Mar 7 07:15:38 UTC 2007

How to compile MythTV sorce code?

Q1. Need I to install MythTV firstly through that guide: Installing MythTV
on Fedora Core?

Q2. Need I to uninstall MythTV after instlling mythtv, and how to remove?
What command should be used to remove?

Q3.  (a)yum install myth-suite   and  (b)yum install libmyth-devel, what
time to use them respectively?

Q3. Would you please give me a more clear detail guide for How to compile
MythTV source code on Fedora?

Many thanks
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