[mythtv-users] Can I restrict live-TV to certain tuners?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Mar 6 04:05:53 UTC 2007

ryan patterson wrote:
> Thank you for the good response bjm.  So MythTV never uses the tuner 
> priority for Live-TV and instead just uses the highest number card to 

Correct, however, this is often suggested as an answer to
this kind of question as 'it sounds about right' but it is
not true. Also, there is no card priority, only priority
per input and there can be more than one input configured
on a card.

> choose the Live-TV tuner.  I will give reordering the tuners a shot.

If that option is checked then, yes. Otherwise, the default
behavior is to look for an available card on the same hostname
as the frontend that is requesting live TV so the traffic would
be local. If none, next choose the lowest card that is available.
With the avoid conflicts option, it is simply the highest
numbered card available.

> Furthermore I don't really understand how the card numbers are 

It is the order that they were added to the database. Each time
a row is added the number is incremented.

> assigned.  Right now I have the following tuners: HD1, HD2, HD5, HD6, & 
> cable7.  Tuners 3 & 4 were deleted before adding tuners 5, 6 & 7.  Yet 
> when I exit mythtv-setup it displays warnings about tuners 3 & 4 ( i.e. 
> Tuner 3 is set to start on channel 2 which doesn't exist, do you want to 
> fix this. . . etc).

Sure you do =). It's really easy.

- Backup your database to be safe.

- Stop all your myth(frontend|backend)s

- Run mythtv-setup.

- Go the 2. Capture cards.

- Click "(Delete all capture cards)"

- Add your cards and inputs in the order of your preference.

Note that this does not touch your video sources, channels, rules
or listings. This only resets your card and input tables and
sets the numbering back to zero. When you add your inputs, you
just select your existing video source(s) and when you start
your master backend, all your shows will be scheduled on your
newly numbered cards and inputs.

You may want to read over the multi-input section of the HOWTO
as you may find some tricks you can take advantage in your


--  bjm

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