[mythtv-users] blue tooth / wireless keyborad

Dan Cronstein dcronstein at fuse.net
Mon Mar 5 18:34:07 UTC 2007

Well...not using Myth currently...couldn't stop it from crashing CONSTANTLY!
Sure wish I could have gotten it to work...ended up with Windows Media
Center. (GRRR...but it does work!)
However, when working with Myth, I did purchase the Logitech MX-5000
keyboard and mouse combo. This generally worked well, although it would
disconnect once in a while. Also purchased a Philips IR (Model SMK-8630)
keyboard and reciever for 20 or 25 dollars. This was OK, but the response
was a little slow.

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On 3/2/07, Rod Smith <mythtv at rodsbooks.com> wrote: 

For the most part, this works well. The main drawback is that the IR
occasionally misses the key-up part of the IR signal from the URC-6131
remote, and MythTV responds as if this were many keypresses in quick 
succession. Perhaps disabling auto-repeat in X would fix this, but I haven't
gotten around to trying it. I have yet to see this happen when I'm using the
actual keyboard.

I had the exact same problem - very annoying when it happened when
increasing the volume ! :-)   And indeed, turning off auto-repeat does the
trick.  I just added "xset r off" to my .xinitrc and that solved the problem

As far as remotes go, I learned my keyboard keystroke on a Sony RM-VL600 and
it's quite nice - all the buttons I need, and it's relatively inexpensive -
around $40 canadian.  Good simple combination without  futzing with a serial
lirc receiver.  Highly recommended. 


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