[mythtv-users] audio gone with pvr-350?

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Mon Mar 5 06:53:38 UTC 2007

    > Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 22:56:30 -0500
    > From: Matt Price <matt.price at utoronto.ca>

    > hey again,

    > in my last post i described some problems i'm having upgrading a mythtv
    > system to 0.20 from 0.18.  fortunately (i thought) i had carefully
    > cloned my underlying system before upgrading.  so i have my old 0.18
    > system back up and running, and everything's fine=20

    > ... except...

    > now all of a sudden my pvr-350 no longer RECORDS audio.  the old
    > recordings, from 2 or 4 days ago, still play back normally with audio as
    > expected, but the new recordings, have perfect video but play no audio
    > at all.  as far as i can tell the audio stream is simply missing from
    > the file.

    > i'm getting some ivtv0 messages in dmesg, don't know if this has
    > anything to do with it, but here they are:

    > [4295346.638000] ivtv0 warning: i2c client addr: 0x40 not found for
    > command 0x80287610!
    > [4295346.638000] ivtv0 warning: i2c client addr: 0x40 not found for
    > command 0x40287611!

    > so it would be great if anyone could help with this.  i look forward to=20
    > getting SOME version of mythtv back up and running!

In your .20 system, did you happen to change the -ivtv- release
version while you were testing?

If so, it may have loaded different firmware, and, if so, a cold-boot
that doesn't also include 30+ seconds of absolutely no power might be
using registers that were set for the newer ivtv release and which
don't work right with the older ivtv release.  So that might be a
quick test to try:  shutdown, unplug the power and network (!) cables,
wait 60 seconds, reverse & reboot.

Failing that---did you perhaps open up the case at all?  Rearrange any
cables?  Maybe you need to reset the 350 in the PCI bus or something.
Or, if you're feeding composite to the 350, could you perhaps have
disconnected an audio plug? :)  Stupider things have happened to us

(The way -I've- set up test machines is by actually cloning the entire
partition with dd [while in single-user mode, so nothing's modifying
files], which means that I'm not trusting rsync to get device nodes
correct or things like that.  That requires a little thinking ahead
with either repartitioning or using LVM, but has seemed pretty
reliable so far---but requires -extreme- care to make sure you -never-
reverse the "if" and "of" arguments to dd! :)

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