[mythtv-users] More datadirect woes

David Schmidt david.schmidt.in.dallas at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 15:10:46 UTC 2007

On 7/13/07, Paul <mythtv at formagio.net> wrote:
> From memory the process went something like this:
> 1. Log into zap2it and create a new lineup using something other than
> OTA ( I used digital cable since i use an HD tuner, but others may
> match better for you). Only select those channels that exist in your
> OTA lineup.
> 2. run mythfilldatabase
> 3. Look at a day that previously had no listings in your guide. Note
> which channels still don't have data.
> 4. Go to zap2its online tv listings (using the same source as the
> lineup you created). For each of the channels missing data. Mouse over
> (or click) the call sign of the channel that should match your channel
> with missing data. in the query string of the link there should be
> something like stnNum=XXXXX, write down the XXXXX part (your new
> xmltvid for that channel).
> 5. Edit the channel in your lineup to use the new xmltvid. I used
> mythweb channel info screen (Under settings), but i believe you could
> do the same thing just updating the xmltvid of the channel table.
> After doing these steps i had all my listings (well i was missing one
> channel that wasn't in any cable lineup, but i never watched it
> anyways, so oh well). I also ran mythfilldatabase --refreshall, but i
> don't know it that was really needed.

**MANY, MANY** thanks!!

I'll try it out this evening or Saturday!

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