[mythtv-users] More datadirect woes

Paul mythtv at formagio.net
Fri Jul 13 14:59:12 UTC 2007

Opps, forgot to remove the part i wrote before breaking it out into the list.

On 7/13/07, Paul <mythtv at formagio.net> wrote:
> Log in to zap2it account and choose to create a new lineup (OTA one
> had been deleted by the system). Instead of choosing OTA i choose
> digital cable (Since I am using an HD tuner,  you may have better luck
> with just cable or satellite). I then selected only those channels
> which I had in my OTA lineup and saved it. Back on my myth box i ran
> mythfilldatabase and then i went to look at my listings for days which
> I had no data for before. At this point i made a list of all the
> channels that still didn't have data. Next i went to the zap2it
> website to view online listings for digital cable.

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