[mythtv-users] More datadirect woes

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Jul 13 16:01:23 UTC 2007

> I had the same problem here, OTA listings were gone. I simply created
> a new lineup using the local cable company. Most the channels worked
> no problem, but there were a few that I had to change the xmltvid
> (using mythweb). Ran mythfilldatabase and now i am back to 2 weeks of
> data again. Everything looks good.

Things are not looking so good here. I guess the glass-half-full view is
it's middle of summer and nothing I really want to watch is on OTA (my
mythbox is ATSC only). I still can't create any kind of new lineup (loops
back around to "you don't have any lineups" page after I enter zip 83702)
and am down to 6 days of data - my mythbox still thinks it's going to record
"Drive" on FOX tonight when that's been pulled. Getting 500 errors for data
retrievals but successful suggested-next-time blocks. I turned on the EIT
assist function, and that seems to be scanning successfully (which is very
cool - I now have data for PBS-HD that I never complained to DD about not
having) but only for some of my ATSC channels. Yes, talk to the local
stations and they might fix that but such things take a while here.

Maximum encouragement to easytvdata!

I suppose if nothing constructive happens from DD then I will begin "manual
screen-scraping" from my HDDirecTivo as a stopgap.

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