[mythtv-users] Which theme do you use?

Jarod Wilson lists at wilsonet.com
Tue Jan 30 17:13:03 UTC 2007

Andrew Close wrote:
>> I currently use a modified version of Justin Hornsby's ProjectGrayhem
>> theme.  I like it because it make very efficient use of screen real
>> estate.  I did have to modify it's font colors for my personal taste.
> i second ProjectGrayhem.  i started to use it since it matches the
> ProjectGrayhem XBMC theme and i originally intended to set up myXbox
> as a front end.  i was looking for consistency between the Mythbox and
> Xbox.

Until a few days ago, I'd been using syth-lacquer-wide for quite some 
time, though it has some minor issues (preview window only works right 
for 16:9 stuff, opengl fades aren't particularly attractive). I just 
switched over to blootube-wide though, which handles both 16:9 and 4:3 
previews fine and looks much better w/the opengl fades.

Also sorta liking MePo (nice to see something that's almost entirely 
different from anything else), though I don't think it provides enough 
lines for plot info in Watch Recordings and like syth, only handles 16:9 
previews. Also seems to have a bit of wasted space in a few other 
places, and the mythvideo cover art isn't scaled correctly on the 
systems I've tried it on (its vertically compressed).

Oh yeah, I have blootube-* and ProjectGrayhem-* packaged up that I need 
to ship off to Axel for Fedora users... I should also get to packaging 
up the syth bits...


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