[mythtv-users] Which theme do you use?

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 15:40:24 UTC 2007

> I currently use a modified version of Justin Hornsby's ProjectGrayhem
> theme.  I like it because it make very efficient use of screen real
> estate.  I did have to modify it's font colors for my personal taste.

i second ProjectGrayhem.  i started to use it since it matches the
ProjectGrayhem XBMC theme and i originally intended to set up myXbox
as a front end.  i was looking for consistency between the Mythbox and

i have also used the Myxer theme.  very cool, very configurable.
i really haven't played with the others or compared performance.  i'd
still like to tweak my Myth system and customize it a bit more, but it
works and i don't really want to mess with my production system. :)
maybe i'll get around to setting up a test environment one of these

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