[mythtv-users] Nvidia FX5200 with Westinghouse LVM-47w1

Bill Bill at explosivo.com
Tue Jan 30 15:02:14 UTC 2007

I have to say that I am absolutely amazed by the desktop display on the westinghouse.  I had some icky artifcats and other strange gook on the screen, but once I got the modeline right (or what I think is) and the nvidia driver set up right - the picture was amazingly clear and solid.  Super happy with it.  SD may not be as good as it 

This box has a PVR350 and PVR500 in it.  I am not using the PVR350 for output.

There are two issues that still bug me.

Prob #1)  I connected my FX5200 from my DVI to the DVI-2 connector on the TV.  Everything looks perfect!  The desktop gives me no issues, playback in myth gives me no issues, mplayer direct on the screen is fine.  However, if I move through the menus in MythTV quickly, it begins to get funky.  Basically it seems like the TV goes and resets itself.  Then comes back.  There is a slight pop from the speakers.  Once it starts happening, it happens each time I move the selector in the menus.  If I go to a playback it does not happen, or if I go back to the desktop its fine.  Only in the myth menuing. (Which looks perfect by the way).  I tried turning off OpenGL rendering and the same problem.

Last night I had a dream.  I dreamt that during my unpackaging of the LVM-47w1 I saw an paper insert that showed the two DVI ports on the back of the tv.  In my dream one was indicated as being 1080i and the other 1080p.  I call this a dream since I cannot for the life of me find it.  Also, the manual shows both being 1080p.  But the manual is for two models.

Regardless, I swapped it over to DVI-1 and have not been able to replicate the problem. But I did not have a chance to put it back on DVI-2 (had to go to work).  Also, there may have been recording going on last night, but not this morning.

The log files are empty of any indication of a problem.

Prob #2)  I am just throwing this in, since it is bothering me.  My fading menus have gone away at some point last night.  It happened sometime after I added in my FX5200 card and before I gave up for the night.  Part of that was moving from the xorg "nv" driver to the actual "nvidia" drivers.  In my STFW, I came across a transparency tip.  

-------- http://gentoo-wiki.com/Xorg_X11_and_Transparency#MythTV_problem -------------
MythTV problem
You must tell MythTV not to use XVideo to get proper transparency when using nVidia drivers. To do this define the NO_XV environment variable. With bash:
NO_XV="1" mythfrontend

I am not sure when it stopped, but it could have been when I changed over to nvidia from nv.  I am thinking the fading uses transparencies...

Thanks for any help


Section "Monitor"
    Identifier     "Westinghouse"
    VendorName "Westinghouse"
    ModelName "LCD Panel 1920x1080"
    HorizSync 31.5 - 90.0
    VertRefresh 60.0 - 60.0
    ModeLine "1920x1080p" 148.5 1920 2024 2072 2200 1080 1084 1094 1124 -hsync -vsync
    Option "ModeValidation" "NoMaxPClkCheck, NoEdidMaxPClkCheck"
    Option "dpms"

Section "Device"
    Identifier     "NVIDIA Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]"
    Driver         "nvidia"
    VendorName "Videocard vendor"
    BoardName "NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200"

Section "Screen"
    Identifier     "Default Screen"
    Device         "NVIDIA Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200]"
    Monitor        "Westinghouse"
    DefaultDepth    24
    SubSection "Display"
       Viewport   0 0
        Depth     24
        Modes     "1920x1080p""1280x1024" "1280x960" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

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