[mythtv-users] Turtle Beach Riviera /CMedia CMI8738 and optical SPDIF

Darren Richards darren.richards at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 20:54:01 UTC 2007

On 1/29/07, Clay <babyhuml at msn.com> wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get a Turtle Beach Riviera working on their system
> so that a 5.1 stream will go out of the optical connection?  (I have read
> here and there that Cmedia has advertised that it works, but it really
> doesn't)
> I can get 2 channels go do through, but no 5.1.  I am grinding through the
> email thread on this list about ac3 passthrough but no luck yet.  The
> following gives me 2 channels out of myth:
> Myth .20 config
> > Audio output device: ALSA:iec958
> > Passthrough output device:
> > ALSA:iec958:CARD=0,AES0=0x6,AES1=0x82,AES2=0x0,AES3=0x2
> The following gives me two channels off of a DVD:
>         mplayer -v -ao alsa:device=iec958 dvd://
> The following gives me no sound off of a DVD:
>         mplayer -v -ao alsa:device=iec958 -afm hwac3 dvd://
> thanks
> clay

Yes, I have a turtle beach Riviera, and I can output Dolby digital 5.1 (and
6.1, and presumably 7.1, but I don't have any 7.1 sources).  It'll also
output DTS.  It has been about two years since I set it up, and I don't have
access to my machine at the moment.  I do know that I had to open up
alsamixer and toggle each of the inputs until I found the one that
controlled the dolby digital.  You might want to try that.  By default it
was turned off.

Make sure you use the following mplayer flags to get the dolby digital/DTS:
-ac hwdts,hwac3 (that'll pick up either dts or dolby digital)

You may also need to specify the correct audio track.  For dolby digital
it's typically 128 (unless you speak french), for dts it's usually in the
130's somewhere...  For example:
-aid 128

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