[mythtv-users] How to select a transcoder profile from mythfrontend?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Jan 28 00:29:01 UTC 2007

On Jan 27, 2007, at 5:08 PM, Niklas Brunlid wrote:

> I prefer to use MPEG2->MPEG4 for movies, and MPEG2->MPEG2 for  
> series, since I sometimes watch the latter on my MVP.

Not a direct answer, but it sounds like you have a situation like I  
did a year ago when I was using a Plextor, which produced MPEG-4  
recordings - I couldn't watch the Plextor recordings  on an MVP  
without transcoding to MPEG-2 first.

My understanding is that the latest firmware for the MVP, used with  
Myth 0.20, can deal with MPEG-4 recordings by using VLC.

So maybe you can get around even having to do what you're talking about.

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