[mythtv-users] HDTV Cards - ADSTech

Jake Palmer jakep_82 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 26 23:05:55 UTC 2007

>From: "Michael Wisniewski" <wiz561 at gmail.com>
>    I would like to put a HD TV capture card in my myth box.  I've searched
>the net, and I stumbled upon the kworld atsc-110 card, which looks like it
>would handle what I would like to do.  Basically, my requirements are to 
>HDTV from my cable provider since they send the signal unencrypted.  From
>what I read, this is possible with some cards.
>    Only problem is that I went to Fry's and Microcenter and could not find
>this card.  At MicroCenter, I came across the ADSTech "Instant HDTV 
>card, model number MCE-381.  This is a 'white-box' generic looking card, so
>I thought I would try my luck with this.  It basically looks equivalent to
>PTV-380-EF.  This card has the "Philips SAA7133HL and TUV1236D Digital and
>Analog Terrestrial MCVR (NIM) Tuner Module".  It also says on the box that
>it's "NTSC via Air or Cable & Digital ATSC".
>   I was doing some searching and while it looks like only one or two 
>have used these cards.  They said that it seemed to work, but I was just
>wondering if anybody can give me a hint on whether I should keep or return
>the card and get something else.

All of the easily configured cards can be found on the DVB wiki.  Look at 
the site below.  The cards with price information are usually readily 
available.  Most of them won't be found in stores.  The Kworld card is 
available through Newegg, Tigerdirect, and one or two other online 
retailers.  Buying hardware without known Linux support is NOT RECOMMENDED 
unless you're interested in writing the driver yourself.  One person 
claiming they got it to work would not make me very confident, but that's 
just my opinion.




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