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Michael Wisniewski wiz561 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 22:07:26 UTC 2007


    I would like to put a HD TV capture card in my myth box.  I've searched
the net, and I stumbled upon the kworld atsc-110 card, which looks like it
would handle what I would like to do.  Basically, my requirements are to get
HDTV from my cable provider since they send the signal unencrypted.  From
what I read, this is possible with some cards.

    Only problem is that I went to Fry's and Microcenter and could not find
this card.  At MicroCenter, I came across the ADSTech "Instant HDTV PCI-MCE"
card, model number MCE-381.  This is a 'white-box' generic looking card, so
I thought I would try my luck with this.  It basically looks equivalent to
PTV-380-EF.  This card has the "Philips SAA7133HL and TUV1236D Digital and
Analog Terrestrial MCVR (NIM) Tuner Module".  It also says on the box that
it's "NTSC via Air or Cable & Digital ATSC".

   I was doing some searching and while it looks like only one or two people
have used these cards.  They said that it seemed to work, but I was just
wondering if anybody can give me a hint on whether I should keep or return
the card and get something else.

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