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Fri Jan 26 15:50:24 UTC 2007

On 1/26/07, Robert Seaton <bobs at itproscorp.com> wrote:
> I think I have narrowed my search down to either the Antec fusion, or
> the Silverstone LC16M. The LC16M has more features, and has an
> integrated IR receiver which in my opinion is a major plus. It also has
> buttons for manual operation. I'm just wondering since this case seems
> to be built for MCE, how hard it would be to get all of these extra
> features working on Linux. The Antec fusion has a much better design,
> however I would have to hack it in order to integrate the IR receiver.
> Any opinions here from anyone? Input would be grateful.
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> Did you ever buy this case? If so what was your experience?
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> On 25 Dec 2006, at 06:20, Rich West wrote:
> > Robert Seaton wrote:
> >> Your absotivly right, and I simply can't afford to buy the wrong
> >> case.
> >>> ...
> >>> First, be a bit cautious about low profile cases.  I got burned
> >>> because one of my tuner cards did not have a LPCI bracket available.
> >>> ...
> >>> Robert Seaton wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> I'm building a dedicated mythbox. I'm looking for recommendations
> >>>> for a computer case.
> >>>>
> >>>> 1. Case must be high quality
> >>>> 2. Must be desktop form factor
> >>>> 3. Must be small enough to fit on top of my TV 4. Must look good
> >>>> sitting on top of my TV 5. Must fit an ATX board
> >>>>
> >>>> Any recommendations, or links would be appreciated.
> >
> > The Antec Overture II is a nice looking case with LOTS of room and it
> > is VERY quite.  I had one for about two weeks before I decided to sell
> > it since it didn't really suit my needs.  It's a BIG case.  I mean,
> > it's like taking a tower, and leaning it on its side (with all of the
> > drive trays and such properly oriented).  Yes, it is expandable with
> > lots of room for hard drives and such, but, for me, since I was just
> > planning on using it as a FE, it was overkill.
> >
> > I ended up going for something very small.. a Shuttle XPC barebones.
> > ....
> > If you have a separate backend server that is hidden away in a closet
> > somewhere, then it doesn't really matter how loud or ugly that case
> > is; it just matters what the frontend server looks like....
> Whilst I prefer bottom posting myself, don't you find that consistency
> aids readability? Whatever one's objections to top- posting, don't you
> find that when two other people have top-posted in a reply already, that
> _then_ bottom-posting compounds the problem?
> Anyway...
> Seems to me that there are two schools of need here.... I understand the
> desire of experienced Mythers to have a Honking Big back-end server and
> dainty little front-ends scattered around the house, but it seems to me
> that for Myth-n00bs (certainly myself, I'm not sure about Robert?)  the
> case for a combined FE/BE is quite compelling. It reduces wiring, the
> risk of network issues, it's only one PC to get working and is generally
> less emotional / financial / intellectual investment in the initial
> instance.
> In this case the combined FE/BE should really have a reasonable number
> of PCI slots - unless I'm mistaken Shuttle & mini-ITX cases generally
> accommodate only one, or maybe two, PCI slots (?) and that's pretty
> limiting in expandability for a Myth system. You might get a PCI card
> with two tuners on it, but what about a wireless PCI card? What should
> you find it necessary to add an additional tuner for its hardware MPEG
> decoding?
> If you're unable to commit to a complex Myth network in the first
> instance then IMO ATX or mini-ATX form factor is the way to go for a
> general-purpose Myth box - that'd seem to give you enough room to play
> whilst you get the bugs ironed out. Whilst the 5 or 6 PCI slots of a
> full-sized ATX case may not be necessary I'm pretty sure that mini-ATX
> cases can offer 3 slots... and a full-sized ATX case gives you the
> option of using either. I don't fancy the Overture II, myself
> - it looks kinda plasticky to me, and not as classy as the Fusion - but
> I can see why someone would choose it.
> The option that is leaping out at me is the Silverstone LC16M [1], tho'
> - it's admittedly large, and has more 3.5" bays than you'd probably want
> to use in a living-room FE, but it has plenty enough room for tuners
> inside and (surely?!?) a large passive heat-sink. I know hi-fi
> components are smaller these days, but the size of the Silverstone LC16M
> doesn't seem to me to compare unfavourably with the high-end and
> fashionable hi-fi separates of only a dozen or so years ago. It has a
> built-in IR receiver and LCD display and in particular the door for the
> optical drive seems particularly well-made & class [2]. I'm sure this is
> not the cheapest option, but perhaps neither is making the mistake of
> buying the wrong case & having to replace it?
> I'm generally of the belief that buying quality is rarely a mistake, and
> even if you decided after some time the Silverstone wasn't the job for
> you, I'm sure it would hold its value well for resale.
> Stroller.
> [1] http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-lc16m.htm
> [2] http://www.avkorea.co.kr/account/LC16M/IMG_0089-S.jpg

I've got an LC16M, great case. I haven't found much use for the front
panel buttons, but they do work, as does the scroll wheel. If you do
go with this case, I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing a learning remote
to use instead of the stock one, which *sucks*, but it has lots of
buttons, which is *awesome*. A Harmony or MX-500 are good choices imo
(I own an MX-500 personally). Also, heed their notes on the compatible
DVD drives! I used an already owned lite-on drive and had to rig the
button setup to work properly, so if your buying a new drive to put
in, I'd suggest looking over their list to make sure the one you pick
will work.

Oh, getting everything working in linux isn't too bad. Theres a patch
floating around to allow the remote's "mouse" act as a basic
up/down/left/right control, but getting it and the LCD working is
easy. I should probably put together a page on the wiki to compile all
the information...

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