[mythtv-users] Computer case recoomendations

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Jan 26 17:25:33 UTC 2007

> I've got an LC16M, great case. I haven't found much use for the front
> panel buttons, but they do work, as does the scroll wheel. If you do
> go with this case, I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing a learning remote
> to use instead of the stock one, which *sucks*, but it has lots of
> buttons, which is *awesome*. A Harmony or MX-500 are good choices imo
> (I own an MX-500 personally). Also, heed their notes on the compatible
> DVD drives! I used an already owned lite-on drive and had to rig the
> button setup to work properly, so if your buying a new drive to put
> in, I'd suggest looking over their list to make sure the one you pick
> will work.
> Oh, getting everything working in linux isn't too bad. Theres a patch
> floating around to allow the remote's "mouse" act as a basic
> up/down/left/right control, but getting it and the LCD working is
> easy. I should probably put together a page on the wiki to compile all
> the information...

I also have an LC16M as my FE/BE, it does look/work pretty nice
digicam%2Fhdtivo&pic=109-0973_IMG.JPG). I haven't bothered with the front
panel function buttons or knob. I used the iMon remote's volume up/down for
left/right and channel up/down for up/down in myth since I couldn't get the
pad to work for directional action. The IR receiver only seems to work with
the supplied remote's relatively uncommon frequency band(?) (couldn't get a
good irrecord with any other remote, or downloaded lircd.conf), but my new
Harmony 720 was able to be programmed for it.  There is still a bit of
repeat-rate/threshold tuning to be done there, I need to double-click the
Harmony buttons to get action. Unfortunately my laptop backlight died in the
middle of tuning, so that's a whole other story. Only other minor negative
nit is the VFD took a nap when I was plugging in a USB drive to the front
panel (VFD/IR also runs off USB), probably caused by static - it came back
on when I eventually rebooted 3 months later to swap the UPS.

The included case fans are very quiet; I also have a Seasonic S12-430 PSU,
fanless 7600GS, one of the big Zalman heatpipe coolers (on a 65W CPU it's
probably overkill - the stock boxed cooler is just as quiet on another 65W
x2 I put in my Winders box) and some undervolted "quiet compUSA" fans
pushing through the drive cages. I did have to get a little creative with
fan header wiring since my mobo only had one for case fans. The only thing I
can hear from the couch (when the TV's not on) is the dual 750gb drives
hammering away at a mythtube transcode.

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