[mythtv-users] Jalopy not working

stan stanlist at cox.net
Thu Jan 25 19:16:42 UTC 2007

I'm running Netbeans 5.5, and I got the Japoly plugin today named
de-hunsicker-jalopy-plugin-nb50-java15.nbm.  The Netbeans module manager
shows Jalopy Java Source Code Formatter version 0.6.6 being active under the
Java category.

I changed the Jalopy options to indent braces and tried

	1. cntl-shift-F10
	2. right click -> Format on the file name in the projects window
	3. source format

(1) and (2) did nothing.  (3) formatted per Netbeans normal formatting.

Should I be able to see the Jalopy formatting changes on the file open in
the editor?  

Do I need to disable anything in the Netbeans Editor options?

More generally, why isn't this working?



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