[mythtv-users] Grayed-out entries in recordings list

Michael LeMay lemaymd at lemaymd.com
Wed Jan 24 03:42:45 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I recently experienced massive corruption on a disk that I dedicated to 
mythtv recordings.  It is a 160GB SATA drive with an ext3 partition.  I 
believe that it was corrupted after mythtv crashed my system several 
times, forcing me to do hard resets each time.  (I have since determined 
that running Beryl on my 7600GT alongside myth is the cause of the 
crashes)  I was able to repair the corruption using fsck and recover 
many of the recordings, but some others were lost entirely, i.e. the 
.nuv files were deleted during the repair process.  The problem now is 
that I can't delete those recordings from my recordings list.  Their 
entries turn gray as I pass over them with the cursor, and they 
disappear when I delete them, but then they reappear in the list a few 
moments later.  Meanwhile, mythfrontend reports that the "recording file 
is missing" on the console an infinite number of times, until I quit 
mythfrontend.  Do any of you know how to recover from this sort of 
corruption?  Thank you!

 -- Michael

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