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Robert Anderson riznob at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 23:33:38 UTC 2007

On 1/21/07, Jack Madison <jack at webhouse.cc> wrote:
> Sorry if this has been discussed a bazillion times, I've done a bunch of
> searching and while I can find a bunch of howto's, I haven't found much
> in the way of "which is better".
> After a bunch of searching I've decided to try an xbox as a frontend. On
> impulse I bought an xbox for $100, turns out it's version 1.1 which is
> supposedly good.
> I've done a bunch of searching on doing the softmod vs. a chip, but I'm
> a bit confused on the best way to go.  I THINK I want to go with a mod
> chip, no need to track down a specific version of a game, deal with
> special cables or replay boxes, moving savegames, etc.  Perhaps it's not
> as bad as it sounds?  If I chip it, is it should be as simple as put in
> the chip, boot up to the linux install and go?  If I go with a mod chip,
> which should I use?  The DuoX2 seems to be the cheapest, but are there
> any drawbacks?
> If the xbox ends up being a good front end I'll buy probably 2 more and
> do the same thing with them.  I have no interest in playing xbox games,
> I simply want to boot up the xbox straight to a mythtv frontend.  If I
> track down everything I need for the softmod I should then be able to
> mod other xboxs without additional hardware.  Can both a softmoded and
> chipped xbox both boot straight to myth?
> As for Linux, is Xebian the best?
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If you got an old xbox, you can hard mod it without buying a modchip. You
need to simple solder two points on the motherboard and flash the onboard
bios with a modded bios. Check out www.xbox-scene.com for details on how to
do that.

Once modded (whatever route you take), you can download a xebian linux dist
with myth installed and with a little configuration be up and running in no
time. Go to www.piratebay.org and search for mythtv. Via bittorrent,
download the latest one and follow the instructions to install and

Rob Anderson
riznob at gmail.com
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