[mythtv-users] Video lags behind sound/sound won't shut off

John Lorenz lorenz.john at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 18:26:20 UTC 2007

I'm trying to get Myth working on an older system (P4 1.7 GHz, Hauppage
WinTV Go tuner card connected via minijack to SB Live value card, GeForce3
video card) so that I would have a convenient way of recording TV shows -
I'm not all that concerned about audio or video quality.  I installed it
using the Mythdora distro, and everything seems to be working fine save
audio.  I've hit a snag because I can't figure out why my video lags behind
my audio - sometimes it's by several seconds... sometimes it's only off by
seemingly less than a second.  Also, after I exit "Watch TV" mode, I still
get the sound from whatever channel I had been on and it continues to stay
on even after exiting the frontend until I open another program that makes
use of the tuner card.  After I close that second program, the audio stays
off.  I have the line in muted, but set to record.  After playing with mixer
settings, I found the sound coming from the TV tuner only goes away after
setting PCM to mute.

The fact the gap between audio and video never seems to be the same made me
think that the computer was just too slow and that video encoding just
couldn't keep up, but then the fact that sound stayed on after exiting the
frontend made me think the sound is not setup correctly, either in Myth or
elsewhere.  Is the first scenario even possible?  As for the second
scenario, everywhere I've searched says make sure the line in is muted, and
I've already ruled that out.

Any ideas for fixes, or things to check would be greatly appreciated.  I'm
at a loss as to where to go at this point.
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