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Guillaume ml Membré guillaume.ml at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 13:44:53 UTC 2007

I moded my v1.0 with a DuoX2 and it works like a charm. It requires
some soldering but it is not a big deal.
XMBC is a nice player but I didn't like the plugin for mythtv : too
simple, naviguation isn't easy and I really like the way the mythtv
frontend enables you to browse your recordings (preview windows,
description, big letters etc...)
I also tried running linux with an image of xebian : it is slooowwwww.
The box starts swapping when X loads. When I played a recordings and
came back to recording listing, it takes about 6-7 seconds for the
display to refresh. I think this is due to only 64 Mb of ram.
I followed http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Xbox_Frontend_on_Xebian_stable.

My xbox was also very noisy : it as a 40mm fan on the GPU (small,
noisy, unefficiant) and a cheap big 80 mm. I removed the fan on the
gpu and everything is running normal, 50°C on the gpu when playing a
dvd with xbmc. Thus, I think I could not play anymore games without
running into troubles due to overheating of the gpu with 3d.

My thougt : the xbox is not a good frontend except that it is cheap.
It didn't convince me and I'm considering buying an epia.


On 1/22/07, Phill Edwards <philledwards at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I've done a bunch of searching on doing the softmod vs. a chip, but I'm
> > a bit confused on the best way to go.  I THINK I want to go with a mod
> > chip, no need to track down a specific version of a game, deal with
> > special cables or replay boxes, moving savegames, etc.  Perhaps it's not
> > as bad as it sounds?  If I chip it, is it should be as simple as put in
> > the chip, boot up to the linux install and go?  If I go with a mod chip,
> > which should I use?  The DuoX2 seems to be the cheapest, but are there
> > any drawbacks?
> I did a soft mod as per http://www.biline.ca/xbox_uxe.htm which was a
> bit of work, but it works fine. I just didn't want to have to open the
> box and get a soldering iron out and the price of a solderless chip
> was a joke.
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