[mythtv-users] Myth not seeing firewire input

Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 17:25:09 UTC 2007

I must have something screwy in my database.  I have myth configured
with a QAM input and a firewire input, and they share the same channel
lineup from zap2it.  However, if I go into live tv and hit Y, myth
will cycle through the QAM and my two PVR-500 inputs, but it never
hits the firewire input.  The hardware is configured correctly because
myth has no problem changing channels using the firewire for the
s-video input.  I'm running SVN, 0.20.20061228-1 12435M.

I just tried to schedule a one-time only recording using the program
finder, at a time when nothing else is scheduled to record, on one of
the channels that's on the QAM and firewire lineups, and it said it
was conflicting with another recording.  I then noticed there are some
shows in the schedule that don't show up in program finder.

I'm not as concerned with the weird scheduling stuff since I figure
it's a side-effect of the weird tuner stuff.  Here's some info from my

capture card table:

2 /dev/video0 NULL NULL MPEG S-Video0
3 /dev/video1 NULL NULL MPEG Tuner
4 0 [blank] [blank] DVB DVBInput
5 /dev/video0 /dev/dsp /dev/vbi0 V4L Tuner

I have a PVR-500, an AverTV HD A180, and a firewire.  And I'm using
both the tuner and s-video input on the first input on the PVR, and
just the tuner on the second input.  Input 5 above is the analog side
of the AverTV which myth insisted on inserting, even though nothing is
connected or configured for it.

Cardinput table:

1 1 2 MPEG2TS
2 2 1 Tuner
3 2 3 S-Video0
4 3 1 Tuner
5 4 2 DVBInput

videosource table:

1 Analog datadirect Jerry1 default AnalogLineup
3 Digital datadirect Jerry2 default DigitalLineup1 (channels 50 and
up, not including the HD OTA channels)
2 HD datadirect Jerry1 default DigitalLineup2 (SD and HD OTA channels)

I can supply any additional columns from the DB if needed.

Finally, when I go into System Status, Tuner Status, mythbackend crashes.

Thanks for any pointers,

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